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Chi Kung (Ch'i Kung or Qigong) simply means cultivating energy. There are many forms of Chi Kung including martial arts, tai chi, and practices for health benefits. It is the latter that is integrated into my Chi Kung Healing Touch practice. Thought to build vitality and ward off illness, the medical aspects of Chi Kung are used in Chinese medicine to treat and cure many diseases.
With Chi Kung Healing Touch, we are tapping into the wisdom of Chinese Healthcare by balancing the five elements of the body, including all of the organ systems as well as the eight extra meridians. We work with specific acupuncture points in the body to access and balance the flow of chi, or life force, in the body in all of the systems. We also release any negative energy in the body which may have been introduced during times of vulnerability. By working with the energy in the body, we are supporting the client's or patient's ability to heal
Chi Kung Healing Touch helps reduce stress which is a promoter of imbalance and illness in the body. It can help relieve insomnia as well as help the body be more relaxed before surgery and recover more quickly afterwards. It can help lower blood pressure and relieve pain. Some doctors have asked "what have you done to recover so quickly?" Chi Kung Healing Touch works well with Western Medicine and other forms of medical care to promote healing and wellness.
I have worked with people living with chronic illnesses to lessen the symptoms. People have reduced or eliminated pain and depression medications with regular CKHT sessions. This is not medical care; it is an adjunct to visits with a physician and prescribed medical care.
While it is beneficial to have a session in a practitioner's office, this practice of energy healing is also very effective from a distance. I have clients all over the country who benefit greatly from "remote" sessions. One who has a brain tumor feels more relaxed with each session and her headaches are relieved. Her speech and thoughts are clearer and she sleeps better. Another who is sensitive to molds was taking her law boards in a moldy building which made her brain foggy and she was unable to concentrate. With regular CKHT sessions, she was able to focus and pass the law boards.
For Feng Shui Practitioners, this form of work is excellent for times when they may take on too much yin chi or negative energy in their work. This shows up as a specific energy in the body which can be released. It is also beneficial for keeping chi balanced while we do our work in the world and is an excellent addition to self-cultivation practices and meditations.
The first session is scheduled for up to two hours and includes gathering a case history and reasons for receiving CKHT. The next sessions may be scheduled for one (1) or one and one half (1 ½) hours. It is recommended that a minimum of three sessions be scheduled to complete the deeper levels of treatment and to uncover the underlying patterns we each carry. After these sessions, scheduled once a week or every-other week, as needed, appointments may be scheduled bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or whenever the recipient wishes. I let each client know what I find and what my recommendations are; however, it is the client who is the best judge of his or her health care needs. Whenever possible, I also teach Chi Kung practices so that clients can continue to support their health outside of sessions.
My training includes years in the health care field as a Social Worker as well as completion of the Body- Energy Center's Chi Kung Healing Touch Certification in 1993. I have completed advanced studies of Chi Kung Healing each year with a total of 12 years of study to date. It is my delight and honor to offer these services to the general public as well as to my Feng Shui colleagues.
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