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Catherine provides expert Feng Shui consultations and blessings on-site and by phone. She works with homes as well as small and large businesses and is available to local, national and international clients. Her services can take many forms since each situation is unique. Some examples include:
Advice on purchasing or leasing a new home or commercial site
Consulting with home owners on existing homes
Reviewing blueprints to remedy potential problems prior to building
Performing groundbreaking and other ceremonies and site blessings
Providing design assistance when remodeling
Help in selling a home or business
Design Is Paramount
A building's design should do more than look good. The best designed spaces support the people who live or work in them. However, over time certain design elements in a home can lead to unexpected events, unresolved issues, illness, bad luck, shrinking finances, and troubled relationships. The same is true in business. Customer base can erode, employee problems can arise and overall health of the organization can suffer.
The Process
Catherine reviews each floor- and site-plan with an eye to how it might affect its inhabitants. She looks at specific design elements and their possible affect on personal and business partnerships, families, children, and employees. Then she draws on Feng Shui cures to remedy any problems. Black Sect Feng Shui offers solutions for most situations without having to move or remodel. As part of her service, Catherine uses time-honored Feng Shui ceremonies and blessings to clear bad luck, invite in good luck, bless the occupants, help prevent legal problems, and clear spaces of any unlucky energy left over from previous tenants.
Important Events
Catherine is available to help clients choose auspicious dates and blessing ceremonies for important events such as:
Grand Openings
New contracts and business ventures
Moving into a new home or business
Help in selling a home or business
Creating good luck for the New Year
Learn more
Contact Catherine to explore the possibilities of putting Feng Shui to work in your life.
Phone: 303 499-6702

A floor plan or copy of blueprints and a plat of your land, if available, are requested beforehand. They are a must for phone consultations. Please fax to (303) 543-1543.

The red envelope tradition is honored for all consultations and will be discussed when you schedule your appointment.

Catherine Dawson-Laframboise,
215 31st St
Boulder, Colorado 80305


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