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Classes Client Comments and Testimonials
“I can tell that this is not just something you teach, but something you live.” Deborah M., Denver, CO
“You are quite knowledgeable about Feng Shui and your enthusiastic teaching style made the class fun.” J. D., Boulder, CO
“My husband wants you to know that he hasn’t slept this well in 15 years. Your consultation and space clearing were awesome. We both feel a sense of well-being and relief.” D & K, Boulder, CO
“I want you to know that it worked. After months on the market, my home sold within one week of your consultation.” Lynn J., Sarasota, FL
“We had our opening and people came out of the woodwork. We sold our most expensive pieces within the first few days.” K. D., Boulder
“One week after your consultation, we received several thousand dollars of unexpected income. We can’t wait to see what happens when we complete the cures!” S & J, Hickory, NC
“I have been doing the cures in my store and things are ‘jamming’ today after such a slow time. My husband’s business is also taking off.” D. S. Winter Park, CO
“I have settled (the legal matter) and am pleased with the agreement and am glad to have this stress out of my life. I do believe that Feng Shui is a very important part of this.” D. M., Boulder, CO
We did the blessing on the building in St. Thomas and it was rented within the week. I can not tell you how pleased and delighted I am. I am also totally in love. Things feel really special since you were here. A. G., Boulder, CO
“I am blown away after the work we have done here and how it feels as a result.” C. L., Boulder, CO
“Thank you for all of the great Feng Shui work that you have done for me and my store. I just sold (2 very expensive items) today.” D, Boulder, CO
Catherine Dawson-Laframboise,
215 31st St
Boulder, Colorado 80305


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